History of Cloud Computing

Emerging Technology




This Publication allows the reader to understand the Journey of CLOUD from Main Frame Computer (DESKTOP COMPUTING) to today’s Cloud Computing.

Dinesh Chand sanwal



History of Cloud Computing

Emerging Technology


Cloud Computing has recently emerged as one of the buzzer word in the ICT industry. Cloud environment are pervasive and can be expected to host at least a portion of every organization’s future technology landscape. While Cloud services have reduced the cost of computation, application hosting, and content storage and delivery, there is significant complexity involved in ensuring that applications, services, and data can scale as needed to achieve consistent and reliable operation under peak load. Let us know when and how this concept is started, what is the story behind evolution of cloud computing. It can also be seen as the journey from KB to PETA BYTE


46Visual Model of Cloud Computing

Concept of cloud basically started in 1950 with the starting of Main Frame computers. Main frame computers are design to handle huge volumes of data and information. These can support more than hundreds of user in a day. These very large and expensive computers have great processing speeds and large capacity of memory and storage accordingly that time. Because of very large size, expensiveness, it’s not possible for each to purchase. That’s why Main Frame computers basically works on Time sharing Model. Times are a lot for each user and after completing work on computer, Users used to store their Data on floppy disk drive

7-1Mainframe Era (1944-1978) Xerox Star 1981!

In 1969 ARPANET project was introduced by J.C.R. Liclibird. This project is started to provide connectivity between East-Coast and West-Coast universities of California. With the time the ARPANET reached the research labs and military organizations. East-Coast and West-Coast universities connected with U.S military and Department of Defence(DOD) to support them. This project is supported by professors of universities to help U.S military.

9ARPANET (1971) Email (1972)!

In 1970’s, IBM invented Virtual Private Network(VPN). In 1990’s, Globally ISP’s like AT&T, British Telecom, Vodafone introduced their VPN (Virtua Private Network).


In 1972, E-Mail services was introduced. This E-Mail services is successfully used by East-Coast and West-Coast universities of California. Till 1991, Internet is not introduced and it is used as Arpanet project. E-Mail is used through ARPANET for messaging purpose or Data Transmission purpose



In the year 1991, ARPANET was come out from universities and U.S military and it was opened for all to connect with these servers, and named it as INTERNET. In case of Nuclear attack as well the system and flow of information must be from one country to another. Approx. 20 years U.S military used ARPANET and did R&D into it. After 20 long they explore ARPANET as INTERNET.



The Internet Era – Web

In late 1996 and early 1997, Ramnath chellapa, professor of University of Texas in Austin introduced a word cloud computing in the world. He defines CLOUD COMPUTING and How it works. Seeing this, Compact jumps and restrict him by saying that they are working on it and soon they going to introduced it. Court gave decision in favor of Mr. chellapa and told to compact that if they were working on it and they didn’t disclose It, it means they were not working on it. That’s why favor goes to Mr. Ramnath chellapa for introducing cloud in the world.

In 2002 Amazon introduced AWS (Amazon Web Service) platform in the market. They developed their cloud and introduced it. In 2006 Amazon introduced new product of their naming EC2 in the market.EC2 stands for Elastic Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing define as the online delivery of IT resources via Internet and pay as per uses. Amazon EC2 model, is basically a storage space provided to customer as per his requirement and pay accordingly to that. It like rental scheme, use as much space whenever you needed and pay as per that. As need increase or decrease your storage capacity. If we compare Ec2 platform with to establish own network. EC2 is simpler and effective and awesome platform. In EC2 model user didn’t have to care about the maintenance of network devices such as switches, routers, servers etc. Users can access it from anywhere via Internet. By applying EC2 or Cloud, user can get save from different types of Disasters.







In 2007, Microsoft introduced its cloud naming Microsoft Azure. In 2008-9 Google introduced Google App Engine(GAE). GAE now popularly known as Google Drive. Till now Google didn’t commercialize its cloud in market. Google wants to serve error free cloud. Now they are doing R&D on their cloud and may be they commercialize their cloud some around 2030. In 2010 different organizations like HP (Hewlet Packard), IBM (Intelligent Business Machine), TCS and many others introduced their cloud.






Cloud is a best way to get online delivery of computing resource, elastic capacity, and IT resources and pay-as-you-go i.e., pay providers based on usage. Depending on how you adopt the cloud model (as a private, community, public, or hybrid) and depending on how you deliver cloud based services (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS), cloud computing brings different opportunities for change.


Dinesh Chand Sanwal

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